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Up to this point in the Moodleverse, activities and resources have had two basic options within a course – available and unavailable (these are indicated within Moodle as an “eye open” or “eye closed”). Recently, it was suggested to add a third state – where activities and resources could be available for linking and use within a course, but hidden from the course view.

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This change has the potential to add a fantastic dimension to the Moodle experience. Teachers or admins could hide content based on conditionality, develop deeper-dive resources that only need to be shared with particular students and so on.

The folks at HQ have been working on this particular functionality and it is now ready for testing. They have put it up on the prototype site and everyone is encouraged to come and check it out.

To check out the prototype go here:

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call tracker with an ID in the four thousands a “recent” suggestion 😉 In fact it was created 17/Feb/2006 – over a decade ago!

    That said, I am glad so see some innovation in the availability of resources. As you say it could open up a new dimension of adaptive learning paths in Moodle.


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