Moodle Administrators have a horrible time in troubleshooting the email notifications issues? During the MoodleMoot USA 2016, Jamie Kramer from Elearning Experts LLC, delivered a presentation about – “Moodle Email Problems and Solutions“.
As we have reported earlier in this post, Moodle HQ has initiated new initiative for improving the Moodle email delivery. But what you will do if you are stuck up in a situation when no emails are going out of your Moodle site?
Fortunately Michael Milette – the Moodle community member from Canada, developed this simple but very handy plugin – Moodle eMail Test. The Moodle eMail test plugin allows the Moodle site administrators to test out the Moodle’s email delivery system. In case of successful delivery of the email message, it will show – “Success – The test message was successfully delivered to the SMTP server”, where as in case of any failure in the email delivery it will display the trace of SMTP dialogue.

Having troubles with Moodle email notifications? Check out the eMail test plugin #MoodlePlugins
                                                                                              Failure message trace

The plugin is supported for all currently supported Moodle versions and can be downloaded through this link. Please note that the emails sent to the recipient contains sensitive information about site administrator and the site including account username, web browser, IP address, Moodle version and preferred language. So, its advised to send the test emails to your own account only.
Have you ever faced problems with the email delivery in Moodle? How did you overcame that? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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