Grant Your Moodle A Sense Of Meaning Through Button Course Format

The Buttons Course Format puts a content navigation header in all pages of your Moodle course. A sequential layout like this one helps engagement by giving students a ready next best choice after completing a page activity. If your content is following a clear storyline, the Buttons Course format will give your student perspective, on where they are and where they are heading.

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The plugin lets you group section buttons, by modules or weeks, for example. Although there is no limit on the number of buttons on the header, it is not advisable to have more than twelve. Another good idea is to group the buttons by “chunks” of three or four items to elicit meaning from your course. You can also customize the color of active and inactive buttons.

Install Buttons Course Format by downloading it from the Moodle Plugin Database. After you extract it into the moodle\course\format directory, it is only a matter of activating it in Course settings > Course format > Buttons format.

For more on filling out a Moodle course format, sections and layouts follow this official documentation page.

The Buttons course format plugin is developed and maintained by Brazilian Rodrigo Brandão.

Download Buttons Course Format from the Moodle plugin directory page.

And clone, fetch, branch, commit, pull or just check out the plugin in the GitHub page.

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