Verify Your Moodle Students Out To The World With Custom Certificate Plugin

The Custom Certificate plugin provides a rich canvas for customizable certificates you can make for your students. After the completion of a course, the student can access his certificate and download it.

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The plugin provides a versatile options page to customize the size and content of the certificate. See a full list of variables here.

The plugin associates a unique code to each certificate and user, to verify its authenticity. Permissions can also be set for the download, printing and sharing of the certificates.

Moodle HQ’s Mark Nelson is the mind behind Custom Certificate plugin. A Particularly Helpful Moodler badge earner for the past four years, Nelson is a frequent speaker at MoodleMoots around the globe and an active contributor both to the core and the plugins of Moodle.

See the plugin version page for installation instructions. It features a guide to customize the fonts of the certificate.

Read the documentation on the plugin here (in development at the time of this writing).

Download Custom Certificate here.

Check out the code and contribute development in GitHub here.

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  1. Thank, are certificates not available at all with Moodle Cloud or is this a plug-in I can get if I pay for the Service through a partner? This is an indispensable feature for me and I wanted to trial it before investing in it. Is there another Moodle that I can use this feature in to make sure it does exactly what I need it to do?

  2. Ah, I wouldn’t know the process for doing this…I’m new to Moodle and thought that what was there was there. So I can add the plug-in that you shared with me to Moodle? Would you happen to have a step-by-step for doing this?


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