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Moodle Creator and Australian of the Year 2017 State Finalist Martin Dougiamas has started a thread on He discusses “Boost“, the theme that will launch as default for Moodle 3.2 later this November.
As we have reported, Moodle 3.2 will update to the Bootstrap 4 framework, which enjoys popularity among front end developers everywhere. But this was also the opportunity to rethink some of the aspects we are accustomed in Moodle. And by that I mean elements we don’t necessarily love them more than we put up with them.
Prominence of Blocks will be reduced. The theme will offer alternatives to reduce reliance on them, with the final goal being to have a fully functional Moodle without Navigation or Settings blocks. For now, a block will remain for critical uses, but Dougiamas advise against using them. Not the least of reasons being that this region will be unavailable in Moodle Mobile.
The main navigation menu will receive “Flat Navigation” treatment. All navigation options will belong in a left panel, that can be toggled with a hamburger button on the left corner of the top menu. Whether a Moodle can set the menu hidden by default is not clear. According to Dougiamas, the plan is to eventually merge desktop and mobile interfaces.
Finally, all settings will look and behave in a unified way. A click on a redesigned gear icon will open a drop-down menu. This will replace and expand on the Settings Block for Site, Course, Activity and User Pages.
This theme will also make it easier to customize, and if your design requires it, to bring back Blocks and other elements. You can apply other themes that are also based on Bootstrap 4. But on a personal note, Dougiamas believes “Boost” is an effort to refresh and modernize Moodle, so users think of the LMS as one among today’s web and mobile interface landscape.
I am excited, and cautious. I would have liked some news on concerns shared by the Moodleverse, probably most infamous of all the “Scroll of Death“.
Get a “taste” of “Boost” on
Do you have a view on this new direction of Moodle? Share them with us below.

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  1. Just finished reading great post. Brings up a thought on bootstrap themes. I just had an upgrade to my Moodle site and the Klass Theme crashed. Any thoughts on the upgrades and Klass not working? Maybe I should be getting a new Moodle theme?

  2. If you are considering a new theme, May I suggest Edwiser RemUI. I have been using it for a while now and its simply amazing! I even got a compatibility update for moodle 3.2 last week and I’v been using it since. Read their blog post ( ), they have some amazing features lined up, I just cant wait to upgrade my RemUI to get all those latest updates which they say will release on 28th Feb2017!


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