Let's Show Our Gratitude For A Free Moodle Gradebook Ebook By Signing Up For A Free Month Of PacktLib

Mapt is Packt Publishing’s equivalent of a streaming service for educational books and media. Thousands of items, selected for the relevance of skills they provide, are available through a monthly subscription. Which you can try for a month, risk free.

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Packt is also well-regarded because of its many promotions and benefits, which extend to their non-subscribers. Sharp discounts on items are a constant feature on their website. Free ebook giveaways are ready for everyone in its mailing list.

The offer for Moodlers is vast. It begins at its core with volumes on PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. But the number of items solely about Moodle should give you pause.

I recently downloaded Rebecca Barrington’s awesome Moodle Gradebook, now in its second edition. It is a friendly reference for one of the most useful Moodle components. It’s so useful I feel compelled to pay for it. Fortunately, with Mapt I don’t have to, since I have unlimited access.

Other top categories for skill in high demand include:

  • Big Data & Business Development
  • Virtualization & Cloud
  • Networking & Servers
  • Web, App & Game Development

You can create a free account at PACKT books to get access to more deals, free items (such as Moodle Gradebook) and a collection feature, that creates a “wish list” of Packt items that you can buy later.

Join Mapt for free for a month here.

And sign up for free giveaways by joining Packt’s mailing list.

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Corrections made on September 28th, 2016.

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