Once regarded as the best premium themes for Moodle, Genesis and Portal developed by Ararazu team are now available for free. Recently the contributors decided to release the source code for both themes on GitHub. You can download the source code from this github page.

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About Ararazu

The journey for these premium Moodle themes started in 2012 when 3 friends collaborated to form Ararazu and released Genesis on Envato Market through Theme Forest. Besides Genesis theme, Ararazu team also developed 3 other premium themes – Saga, Kinder and Portal.
Genesis and Portal - Premium Moodle themes Source Code released on GitHub #MoodleThemes
Unfortunately due to some disagreement in the partners Ararazu was discontinued in December 2015. However, to let the Moodle community take advantage from their work, they have released the source code for Portal and Genesis themes recently.

About Genesis and Portal Theme

The themes were compatible with Moodle 2.8 and Moodle 2.9 respectively. However when I tried to install the Portal theme on my Moodle 3.1 dev environment and after successful installation when I tried to explore the theme settings page, I got the following error:

Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: current_theme() can not be used any more, please use $PAGE->theme->name instead

I urge the Moodle community theme designers to grab this opportunity and let’s take these themes to a new level by fixing the coding issues and making them compatible with the latest Moodle code.
If you are also a theme designer then you can contribute your efforts to make these themes available as a free plugin/addon in the Moodle plugins database.
Would you like to contribute to theme two awesome themes for making them ready for Moodle community? Let us know your take about these themes in the comments section below.
Reference: http://www.magnitown.com/blog/highly-regarded-moodle-themes-genesis-portal-now-free/

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