Friday Funtastic: Add New Emoticons / Emojis To Moode

New emojis moodle github

There has been some talk about the need to update the Emoticons (or Emojis) in Moodle. Whether or not this ultimately happens in the near future as a part of the core/default software, you can update them today from GitHub.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Click here to get new Emoticons/Emojis for Moodle.

Which Emojis, you ask, are available? Everything you’d expect: angry, approve, big grin, blush, cool, dead, evil, heart, kiss, mixed, no, sad, shy, sleepy, smiley, surprise, thoughtful, tongue out, wide eyes, wink and yes.

Do your students use Emojis regularly in their Moodle communications? What have you noticed about this trend?

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