Dearborn Public Schools is sharing the result of work the district has been supported in Moodle theme, which all along the way has received the support of classroom teachers, from design to feedback to testing. Bearing the name of its main Dearborn, Michigan high school, “Fordson” believes it has something worth saying about how to “provide an impressive user experience right out of the gate”.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

This time, it has adapted the unprecedented “Boost” theme and it is compatible with its many enhancements.

The distinctiveness of Fordson becomes visible at first sight, with a full-screen size image as login page welcome. Images are also elementary to frame sites and courses. Other features are

  • Icon Navigation Box for smoother sailing across pages.
  • Exclusive “Versatile Marketing Tiles”.
  • Instruction Textbox.
  • Site-wide Course Searchbox.
  • Social icons in footer.
  • Responsiveness, for the few students who don’t treat themselves with the joys of Moodle Mobile.

The “Fordson” theme is still warm out of the oven, so it is still without a proper Moodle directory page.

Get “Fordson” via the GitHub repo.

Find out more on Fordson on its page at Dearborn.

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  1. I went through this theme. I didn’t like it so much. I am using RemUI ( for my Moodle sites (I manage two, one for my university and one my own) and I found it really nice. I can change it to any damn colour I want, the dashboard has just so many features, even moodle picked up a few of its features like the notifications and messages in the top bar. I love it. Do check it out.


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