Flexibase Theme Updated For 3.0

flexibase 3.0 moodle update

Richard Olemann announced in the Moodle.org forums last Friday that the Flexibase theme has been updated for Moodle 3.0. As noted on gitHub, there is no 2.0 version of the theme as they development team has decided to head straight for 3.0 to keep in line with Moodle release numbers (indeed, the release of the theme is actually version 3.1).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

While the core of the theme hasn’t changed, there are a ton of new features and additions to consider beyond general/overall style fixes. They include:

  • Remove of the sample course from the downloadable .zip file. It is now only available through the demo site of the them
  • The navigation for settings have been moved to the layout files
  • They have removed the “plugins” folder; have no fear they will be added back via a separate repository
  • They have adapted Gareth Barnards image bank to add it to the theme
  • They have added documentation pages
  • Google fonts have been added in
  • You can now use a favicon with the them
  • The Font-Awesome size setting is now available for categories
  • You can now custom style categories and courses in the breadcrumb trail
  • There is the ability to show or hide items on the user dropdown menu (including a custom menu items setting); you can also show/hide items on the main menu
  • They have added in an admin-only block region

Overall – it looks like a great update and I’m interested to hear about your experience with the theme. Give us your reviews in the comments below!