Custom Certificate plugin which was released as a Beta version few months ago is now looking for the community support to provide feedback and bug reports for overall improvement of the plugin.
Feedback required - For Custom certificate module #MoodleCommunityMark Nelson the developer of the Custom certificate plugin for Moodle posted about the support requirement from Moodle community in one of the Moodle forums.
Mark is also the maintainer of original Certificate plugin . He has started working for the custom certificate plugin long back in 2013 and came up with a nice and easy certificate creation plugin with the development of this plugin.
You can install and use both the plugins on your Moodle site without any problems as the functionality is not dependent on each other. Download the Custom Certificate plugin from the Moodle plugins database here and Original Certificate Plugin here.
If you are already using this plugin, then you can share your feedback or reports any bugs with Mark in this forum thread.
How you  are managing certificates in your Moodle course? Share your creative ideas in the comments section below.

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