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Research by the Academic community (and the non-academic community for that matter) is not slowing down. We are a data driven world and hungry for as much information as we can get – seemingly regardless of the topic. Moodle is a deeply integrated part of this research and maintains a number of resources to help those interested in using Moodle for research abreast of the latest and greatest.

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As discussed on, using Moodle for educational research is a no brainer, because:

  1. The open source nature of Moodle aligns well with the idea behind academic research – the fruits of which are placed into the public domain for use (and extension) by all;
  2. Because Moodle is a highly used and common platform, research at one institution can be easily transferred or replicated at another; and
  3. Moodle is easily customizable for particular research needs, either using plugins or adapting the core software in some way. These customizations can then also be shared across institutions easily.

If you’d like to dive into the mix where the research and Moodle communities intersect, the folks over at Moodle have created a landing page just for you here. From this page you can learn more and add your voice:

Dive into your Moodle and help expand your body of work by using the world’s most popular LMS.

How do you connect research and Moodle at your institution or with your work? Tell us in the comments below!

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