Essential theme has been updated to a new version for Moodle 2.9 & 3.0 with new features and fixed bugs.
In a recent post on Moodle Themes forum, Gareth J Barnard posted about the release of the new version and the changes in the theme. The new feature of particular note is the addition of the new ‘Style guide’ settings page. It is an adapted copy of the Bootstrap V2.3.2 documentation that shows the Bootstrap framework in use with the additional Moodle and Essential styles.
The complete list of changes in the new version are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
- FIX: Issue #623: label is inline.
- FIX: Issue #625: .btn-link class needs settings.
- FIX: Coursebox tidy up.
- FIX: Primary button hover.
- FIX: Bootstrap button styling.
- FIX: TravisCI issues.
- FIX: Ensure that the editor gets the custom font-face declarations.
- FIX: Disabled and active button styling.
- FIX: MDL-52371 - Activity Chooser - alignment of strings that need line wrap.
- NEW: Style guide settings page.

Essential theme is this much popular among all free Moodle Themes that it has been used on over 9k websites all over the world and is downloaded more than 5k per month. You can also download your copy of the Essential Theme through this link.

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