We have been working with Gareth Barnard to ensure that Essential theme is getting the TLC it needs on the last few releases (which really is working to make sure that Gareth is getting the compensation he deserves for maintaining perhaps the most popular Moodle themes of all time).

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About 6 months ago we successfully raised the funds to help Gareth update Essential to 3.0. This past weekend we put together our latest community funding at MoodleGarage to raise the funds necessary for its update to 3.1. Gareth and I had our site ready, had QA’d the text and…

6 minutes after posting to the thread at Moodle.org the project was funded 100%.

This goes down as the fastest community funding for a Moodle project that I’ve heard of, certainly it is a MoodleGarage record. While funded, Gareth and I have decided to leave it open ended in the case you want to donate to Gareth for future development (or just as a tip!).

So what was the focus of this project? This project was reverting Essential back to Bootstrapbase which will make it easier to work with as an open source Moodle theme. Additionally,

  • Improving / checking the CSS to ensure that it is compatible. There is already a few reported issues and I can see that new CSS in M3.1 core is conflicting with how Essential works.
  • Check / add new icons.
  • Produce a beta version, release, be paid, and then promise (as per last time) to bug fix to a stable version.
  • Add in the new navbar search that is in M3.1 core.
  • Deal with the notification templates.
  • Check that the overridden course format classes operate correctly.
  • Update to the latest FontAwesome.

If you’re interested in learning more visit http://www.moodlegarage.com/.

A HUGE thanks to the project sponsors to date.

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