CSS Coding Standards For Visual Layout Of Moodle Approved

In a forum post, Moodler Dan Poltawski announced the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standards for Moodle have been “finally” approved.

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The discussion about a definite guide for code designers dates as far as 2014, where contributors begun to collaborate on a set of standards. Since then and still to this day, part of the success of a software technology in reaching critical mass is by gathering contributors. Designers and developers who find it easy to understand the technology’s conventions, and by their work help spread the word on its usefulness.

So the meaning of having a universal set of CSS coding standards is critical for the survival of Moodle. By allowing the use of modern CSS3 elements, more developers will be willing to learn more about designing for Moodle, an invaluable benefit to the Moodleverse.

The guidelines were designed to keep consistency with Bootstrap and other coding standards, such as WordPress’; and will help developers in achieving consistency across:

  • File names.
  • Names and syntax for selectors.
  • Semantics.
  • Properties and values.
  • Units of measurement.
  • Documentation and comments.
  • Backwards compatibility, fallbacks and progressive enhancements.
  • LESS Variables.
  • Plugins.

But the work is not done yet. Developers are encouraged to report issues if they find scenarios that are not covered by the guidelines.

In addition, work is pending in CSS linting practices.

See the history of CSS guidelines for Moodle in the Tracker issue here.

And review the now official standards here: Moodle CSS Coding Style.

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