Generico filter is an awesome Moodle plugin which allows you to create templates of code snippets and text which can be inserted into Moodle text areas. Recently, someone asked in Moodle forums about adding interactive questions to the Moodle Book resource chapters.
Experts from Moodle community suggested few ways of creating interactive questions in the book chapters like Ravi Murugesan and AL Rachels. Ravi came up with some JavaScript code which is further used by AL Rachels to create a Generico filter template and then can be used to create some simple reflection questions in the book similar to the pic below:
Creating Interactive questions in Moodle using Generico filter #MoodleTips
I was fiddling with the Generico filter template as suggested by AL on my test server to create something interactive in book chapter and the code worked like a charm without any trouble. Then I tried to create another question within the same template which seems to be very easy to add even for a non tech users.
I am attaching the Generico Filter template modified by me which can be enhanced further to create something more interactive. There is a nice forum thread showcasing the Generico filter templates which others can also use. Read our previous coverage on Generico Filter showcase here.
Are you using the Generico filter in your Moodle course to create something awesome? What are the other creative ways in which we can use the Generico filter? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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