Gareth J Barnard the maintainer of the most popular Moodle themes like Essential, Shoehorn, Shoelace has again come up with a very useful course content auto complete search feature in Essential and Shoehorn themes which helps in searching the course contents easily.
In a recent announcement on Moodle forums, Gareth posted a video about the new course content auto-complete search feature. You can watch the video on YouTube through this link or check it out below.

This feature lists both the sections and modules in your courses for courses you are enrolled in, then once you have found the one you want, takes you straight there.
The feature is still under development and waiting for feedback from Moodle community members. If you would also like to provide your feedback then you can download the new development version of Essential and Shoehorn theme from here and here.
Please make sure that you have turned Javascript On and your theme files are located in the normal theme directory before testing this feature.
How much do you like this auto complete search feature in the Essential theme? Do let us know in the comments below.

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