Come For MoodleMoot Colombia 2016. Stay For The Coffee, The Natural Wonders And The Hospitality Of The Moodle Community

If you’re missing the Rio Olympics, Bogotá could be the next best thing. Or just better, if you are a moodler.

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Colombia’s capital city, and home to one of the most active Moodle communities in the world, will host guests from Latin America and everywhere next August 29th and 30th. Confirmed talks and workshops share a common vision for the future of Moodle in the context of new technologies and emerging economies. They include analytics, virtual worlds, solutions for rural populations, data mining, biometrics and differentiated classrooms. Find the current programme, subject to changes, here.

Past Colombian Moots have proven to be a unique hub in Latin America, and a networking opportunity for learning professionals and technologists interested to connect or develop new business and initiatives for the largest Spanish speaking markets. Wide open minds and hearts about learning technology makes Colombia and some neighbors an ideal launchpad for corporate learning ventures. This includes the government, a prominent spender in lifelong education.

Follow the latest news on Twitter at @moodlemootco or with #mootco16.

Registration fees are available, in Spanish and Colombian Pesos, here.

And check out the MoodleMoot Colombia 2016 site here.


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