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There is a common misconception that training only happens in classrooms, between teachers and students. However, training is a much broader process which, in most institutions, draws from resources that are spread across many disparate systems such as the LMS, CRM, SIS, and CMS. Until now, these disparate systems have only been connected via temporary or incomplete solutions, forming a broken and incoherent Training Ecosystem in which it is difficult to quantify results and define a valid training strategy.

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OpenDrako has just released its flagship service focused on closing this gap and meeting the challenges of today’s training environment. In fact, OpenDrako believes they are potentially introducing an entirely new sector: Training Resource Planning; the ERP that communicates with all training management tools.

OpenDrako functions as the intelligence of the ecosystem, acting as its hub, and integrating all peripheral systems. It offers trainers a unique space to manage their training processes and a unique and integrated database to work with. Check out this video that gives an overview of the system:

The application offers solutions for almost any type of institution or company. For more information and a free demo visit or contact [email protected].

Note: OpenDrako is an advertiser on MoodleNews.

How do you manage all of your training resources? Tell us in the comments below!

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