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Over the last few years, Blackboard has slowly cobbled together – through both acquisitions and growth – the largest Moodle Partner company. Until today, this partnership was held under a number of different brands: Nivel Siete, Remote-Learner UK, Netspot, and Moodlerooms.

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Today Blackboard has announced that they have struck new terms for their Moodle Partnership that will consolidating everything under the Blackboard brand. Over time, these individual partnerships will no longer grace the Moodle Partner page at and the new (but familiar) Blackboard logo will take over.

As you may know, Moodle and Blackboard have an interesting and somewhat intertwined history over the course two decades. This new chapter in their relationship largely seems to be aesthetic: it gives Blackboard a consolidated product line “Open Solutions for Moodle.” However, there are a few new benefits, such as providing Blackboard more reach through potential expansion into new territory. In terms of personnel, Blackboard’s Moodle development team has continued to grow through acquisitions and there are no plans to cease that growth.

We at Moodlenews are happy to see that Moodle continues to grow and provide even the largest, most established companies like Blackboard a viable and thriving platform for their business. All in all we’re excited that Moodle and Blackboard will continue to work together to advance the open source software and advocate it’s use across the globe, further establishing it as the world’s largest open source LMS.


Moodle and Blackboard announce new partnership
The agreement will further support the success of the Moodle project

WASHINGTON, 14 March 2016 – Moodle and Blackboard today announced a new agreement that will secure resources and technology contributions to Moodle, one of the most widely used learning management systems (LMSs) in the world. With this agreement, Blackboard will continue its growth as a premier Moodle Partner in many parts of the world.

Made publicly available in 2001, Moodle has been widely adopted around the world and now counts million of users from both the education and corporate markets. Later in 2015 Moodle 3.0 was released and the new version brings together features and enhancements including streamlined navigation, useful improvements to activities such as Lesson and Quiz, along with new admin settings that refine the course management process. Additionally, Moodle recently released a new version of its mobile app, which included advanced capabilities like SCORM and offline content.

Blackboard started to provide Moodle solutions in 2012 with the acquisition of Moodlerooms and NetSpot, and it has since contributed to Moodle development with funds, code, bug fixes, and technology innovation. It has also nurtured the development and the expansion of the global Moodle community by creating and supporting events around the world. In 2015 Remote-Learner UK and Nivel Siete joined the Blackboard family.

“We’re pleased to have an ongoing relationship with a global company like Blackboard,” said Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle Pty Ltd. “Together with all the Moodle Partners and the rest of the Moodle community, including the newly-launched Moodle Users Association, we will further strengthen Moodle as an extensible open source learning platform and a powerful solution for education providers worldwide.”

“Today’s announcement is a great testimony to Blackboard’s continued commitment to Moodle,” said Phill Miller, vice president of Blackboard’s Open Solutions for Moodle product line. “We are really thrilled to continue our partnership with Moodle, and we will continue to provide new resources, extended support and a single dedicated team that will benefit not just Moodlerooms’ customers around the world, but also the wider Moodle community.”

For more information about Blackboard, please visit or follow @Blackboard on Twitter.

Blackboard is the world’s leading education technology company. We challenge conventional thinking and advance new models of learning in order to reimagine education and make it more accessible, engaging and relevant to the modern-day learner and the institutions that serve them. In partnership with our customers and partners in higher education and K-12 as well as corporations and government agencies around the world, our mission is to help every learner achieve their full potential by inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. For more information about Blackboard, follow us on Twitter @Blackboard.

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