Mary Evans, the Moodle themes forum moderator has posted a new Look & Learn tutorial on Moodle forums about adding thumbnails with labels and captions with small HTML code which can be used in those themes which don’t provide marketing spots.
The thumbnails can also be used in the site topic area or anywhere in your Moodle course to add marketing spots or links to the courses or any other purpose. You can add the thumbnails with border, with links or in basic format. You can use the mentioned here to add the thumbnails with labels in your Moodle course.
The icing on the top of that perfect tutorial is the Generico filter template made by Justin Hunt using that code which can be downloaded here. You need to sandwich all the thumbnail items inside a thumbs container.
Add thumbnails with labels and captions using this code by Mary Evans
Thanks Mary for sharing such a nice tutorial. You can also share such nice tutorials with the Moodle community using Moodle forums or with us using this form.

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