A Foremost Example Of Tech-Based Empowerment For Women's Education

Women focused Simmons College was a 1899 pioneer co-ed by John Simmons at the heart of Boston. In 2016, a Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine profile checks how Simmons status fares as they move into the online space.

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Simmons held close to him the principle that women had the right to independent livelihoods.

To stay as a leader in college graduation, looking to further influence the prominence of women in positions of power, Simmons’ Drew Mirque sums up their strategy: improve service learning experience and promote social change. He boasts Simmon’s Online MBA, whose curriculum is designed specially for women, and which continuously rank among the programs with the most opportunities.

He has put in place a series of efforts to further support women’s education: networking staff, infrastructure specialists, teacher assistants and a help desk. He also envisioned the Enterprises Application unit, which through Moodle serves the extended community with varios forms of training and support.

Simmons’ Schools become more dependent on Moodle over time, starting with the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. There, the paid Tegrity plugin is a favorite to capture and store their women empowering lessons in a convenient fashion.

The majority of  Simmons’ 5,800 students also keep a journal, through the Moodle Journal Plugin, for their reflections and project updates.

Read the post at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.


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