WIRIS for Atto available


The WIRIS editor is a visual mathematical equation editor that you can use to create rich mathematics and science equations in your Moodle (anywhere there’s a text editor: quizzes, labels, pages, etc.). Students can also use the editor to answer questions by creating their own equations with the editor for use in essay or short answer questions or online assignments.

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WIRIS tools are now available for both TinyMCE and Moodle’s Atto text editor, the integration includes both the editor and WIRIS’s advanced calculator tool (note that the WIRIS tool set requires the WIRIS Filter to also be installed and outside of a free trial is a premium service). WIRIS tools are also available for Canvas, Joomla, Sakai, Blackboard, WordPress, and many others.

Explore and download the plugins at https://moodle.org/plugins/view/atto_wiris

Learn more at http://www.wiris.com/en/solutions

Give the editor a try yourself (on TinyMCE) at http://www.wiris.com/demo-moodle2/


Note: WIRIS is the first and original sponsor of Moodlenews.com



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