Will You Help Poet Review Plugins?

As we reported on earlier this year in August, a group of major Moodle service providers (Blackboard, Remote-Learner, Lambda Solutions, and Nivel Siete) “launched a joint-working group initiative to advance the development, vetting and review of commercial and non-commercial 3rd party plugins for Moodle,” called Partners of Open source Educational Technologies (POET). While that list of providers is now actually more like two (Blackboard acquired Remote-Learner UK and Nivel Siete), this is a really interesting and focused initiative aimed at improving the continued growth and evolution of Moodle.

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You can view the plugins that POET has reviewed, and their status at this link: http://poetgroup.org/mod/data/view.php?id=11

Mike Churchward has recently posted an update on Moodle.org on what’s happening with POET, how their process is currently working and ways they are seeking to improve. I like the open and transparent self-check this represents, and especially the fact that they are actively seeking other Moodlers’ contributions.

Check out Mike’s post here, and add your voice about how this process could be improved, or how you might contribute to it.

Have you contributed to the POET plugin review initiative? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. At the moment, we are focused on creating some essential front-end automatic testing. These tests ideally will be the ones used at the Plugins Database, or at least work in conjunction with them. We’d like to see these tests available to plugin contributors all the time, so they can be used while developing. We’ll keep the discussions going at moodle.org, and update on how others can be involved as well.



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