This free webinar by Remote-Learner is focused on the recently released Office Mix plugins for Microsoft Office 365. The webinar will focus on Office Mix and creating interactive lessons using familiar tools like PowerPoint. According to the notice,

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Integration between Moodle and Office 365 allows instructors to easily embed interactive online lessons created in PowerPoint with Office Mix through an open format standard. Office Mix brings a more productive experience to instructors by allowing them to create engaging content to be used in a flipped classroom setting in education & corporate training applications.

In this webinar you’ll learn the following:
-Office Mix overview
-How to leverage Office Mix to create interactive online lesson content for blended learning using Moodle
-Turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons to enhance student learning
-Best practices to create audio, video, digital ink and other interactive mixes in a flipped classroom & corporate training setting

The webinar takes place on April 8th at 11:30 AM EST and will be led by Jim Federico, Microsoft Product Manager for Office Mix. Register here:


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