Webinar on Top 10 New Features in Moodle 2.9 by Lambda Solutions


Lambda Solutions is conducting a live webinar on 30 July 2015 (10am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT) on “Top 10 New Features in Moodle 2.9“.
Moodle 2.9, has come equipped with over 300 new and improved features which are designed to help you save time, save money, and deliver learning more efficiently; so join this webinar on July 30th to learn about the most useful features in Moodle 2.9
The webinar will cover:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • How Moodle 2.9 is designed to save time and money by achieving learning outcomes faster
  • A demo of the 10 top features in Moodle 2.9 and how they benefit learning strategies
  • The business critical reasons to be on a supported version of Moodle

Moreover the registrants will also receive a free copy of the recently released ebook : The Complete Moodle User Guide by Lambda Solutions
Save your seat for the webinar here: http://go.lambdasolutions.net/webinar-top-10-new-features-moodle-2.9
**Please note that we are not affiliated to Lambda Solutions in any way.

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