Totara Announces the Launch of Totara Cloud


Totara CloudTotara LMS has announced the launch of their new Totara Cloud service. This is an especially interesting product release given the announcement last week by Totara LMS that they intend to fork their ongoing development of Moodle as of 2016 and, essentially, go it alone.

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Because of its immediate comparison to Moodle Cloud, the Totara Cloud service is another obvious positioning move by Totara LMS to be able to successfully compete with Moodle Pty Ltd. for installs and users for those in non-academic settings.

Totara LMS has positioned Totara Cloud as an OpenSaaS service that offers a solution with complete, if intentionally limited, LMS functionality. The service, much like Moodle Cloud, is intended to allow interested customers to get up and running quickly, kick the tires and, run and manage a modest learning environment (the largest number of users allowed is 2,000) without the ability to customize the experience.

For those customers who would like to tailor or extend the LMS functionality, Totara LMS has gone to great lengths to ensure it does not cannibalize business from its partners, going so far as to state they “want to encourage ‘off-ramps’ to migrate Cloud customers to partner services.” In short, to dive deeper, extend functionality and customize anything, customers will need to move to the Totara Enterprise solution with a Totara Partner.

Note: both Totara LMS and certified vendors of the product, such as Moonami, HowtoMoodle, and Synergy Learning support