Plugin dependencyJustin Hunt (better known to many of you simply as @poodllguy) has created a reputation for himself of producing technology that works well and comes with robust support. Jason has continued to bolster that reputation with a recent post on his Poodll website about systematically working your way through plugin dependency issues.

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What are plugin dependency issues? Briefly, Moodle comes with a native feature that checks whether or not the plugins that you install are dependent upon one anther to function. For example, if you created and installed a block that only works with information provided by another 3rd party plugin. This dependency check is great in the fact that it helps to make sure you have all the parts you need to make your site function. However, it can also become a nightmare when you are missing a necessary plugin, or mess up a plugin installation, because Moodle will continue to alert you to the issue and return you to the dependency check screen.

Justin has provided a clear, step-by-step process for working your way through (or out) of this issue here. As a part of the post, he has included a video that gives a walk through of the whole process. Check it out below:

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