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We gave you a heads up in October that the new Pioneer theme, by Chris Kenniburg, would be hitting the street soon. The wait is over and this theme has a lot to offer Moodlers around the world.

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Chris has provided a nice video overview of the theme. Check it out below:

Pioneer has a number of features to help you provide the best Moodle experience. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Front Page: I like that the theme has powerful frontpage options – this is the window to your users and it is so often (mistakenly) overlooked. In Pioneer, you can place featured courses, marketing/advertising, and whatever custom code you’d like. You also have access to the standard Moodle frontpage elements – if you want them. If not, just turn them off.
  2. Navigation: The sticky, clean, icon-driven navigation bar is a winner and makes sense for helping learners get where they need to go inside your LMS. The “My Courses” dropdown menu also enhances ease of navigation.
  3. Image Heavy: The theme places emphasis on images and visuals. Teachers can upload an image and the theme will automatically use that image for the page header of a course. This helps students know where they are at all times.
  4. Grade Slider: Chris has ensured that learners always know where they stand with a quick, visual snapshot of their progress in classes.

The theme is built on bootstrap, and is completely responsive / mobile ready as you’d expect for any modern theme.

More information can be found on the theme’s website here.

You can download the theme here from the Moodle database.

What theme are you using in your Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!

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