Table Editing Features Confirmed As Atto Update For 3.0

We were happy to read that it has been confirmed that the Table Editing Features improvement request has been added for release with Moodle 3.0 in the coming weeks.

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Perhaps as importantly, in the thread of this feature request, Martin Dougiamas, revealed a new process at Moodle HQ for deciding if and how items are added after freeze for a new release:

We’ve only just this week instituted a new process to decide on these kinds of “on the line” bugs, where the fix is useful and good but we’ve passed the official freeze date (which was put there for good reasons of release stability and should generally be respected).

In the past the process was “Martin decides”, but from now on it’s going to be from a vote from our 4 key dev leaders – Damyon, Eloy, Marina and Michael de Raadt and I’ll probably only be called on if consensus can’t be reached.

Unfortunately this particular issue got caught up right in the middle and basically got a bit of both. The ultimate result is that YES we will be putting in the extra effort to finish this and get this into 3.0 (even if it means temporarily removing small parts that would cause problems later, like the colours perhaps) and doing those later.

What feature or fix do you want the most in Moodle 3.0 that won’t make it in? Tell us in the comments below!

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