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David Jones, of the University of Queensland, started the Moodle Open Book Project in mid-2015 to enhance the Moodle Book Module so that it could be used to create Open Educational Resources. This is a fascinating endeavor that has the potential to unlock mountains of resources for the Moodle community that are essentially currently locked inside the LMS.

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David has recently given a presentation (see below) and posted on his blog about the ability to connect the book module with GitHub. Creating this connection ultimately allows easy sharing of content. As is demonstrated within the blog post and presentation, David has managed to create the connection between GitHub and the Book Module via a Moodle Book Tool. However, as stated by the author, the code still has some way to go before it is ready to be submitted to the plugin repository.

The potential of this resource is exciting: by connecting to the collaborative power of GitHub, David is creating a way to allow sharing of content outside of a Moodle instance and, ultimately, enable multiple authors to contribute to content from outside of its original course, etc.

You can follow along with the Open Book Project here.

How do you use the Moodle Book Module? Please tell us in the comments below!

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