Recently in one of the thread on Moodle forums, Rajiv Sathian from Edwiser has posted a link to Edwiser bridge plugin which can be used to seamlessly integrate your Moodle site with your WordPress site.
You can synchronize courses, course categories, student enrollment etc right from the wordpress site with just a tap of a button. You can also use the popular Woocommerce plugin in WordPress to sell your Moodle courses but for that you need to purchase a paid plugin from here for $55.
You need to download the Edwiser Bridge plugin from this link and install it onto your WordPress site. Afterwards you need to follow the steps as mentioned in the documentation here. Here is the complete list of features of the Edwiser Bridge plugin and the complete step by step documentation is located here.
Please note that Moodle World is not related to Edwiser plugin by any means.

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