Frankie Kam, the Moodle community member from Malaysia has delivered a nice presentation during the iMoot Mini 2015 on using PDF files inside Moodle.
The presentation includes the details about the code hack to be done in the Moodle core to display the PDF files in iPad, Mac, PC and Android.
Frankie has used the existing Javascript libraries and when a PDF file is dropped onto a course page and clicked; a fully-functioning pop-up window appears. It also have a Rubik’s Cube spinner image (gif) to indicate loading time. Moreover, you can start reading the pages even before the entire PDF document has finished loading.
And as an icing on the cake it works not only for PDF files rather the pop-ups also work on Open Document Format files.
You can download the presentation in PDF format from here and in PPTX format from this link. The code used for this hack can be downloaded from here.
Showing PDF files in MoodleTo take a demo of the great piece of work by Frankie Kam, just click this link – with
Username: sippycup
Password: happygolucky
How do you like to display the PDF files in your Moodle course? Do you like this great piece of work by Frankie Kam? Let us know in the comments below.
Please Note that hacking the Moodle core code is not recommended and you can proceed with it at your own risk.

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