If you are currently, or considering becoming, a plugin developer for Moodle, you’ve already got a lot going for you – huge community, lots of support, great documentation and a truly global platform. With the recent integration of Travis CI support into Moodle, however, the deal just got sweeter.

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David Mudrak has created a wonderful post on this over on the Moodle.org forums where he breaks down the basics of why using Travis-CI is a great idea. In short:

Travis allows you to continuously run all tests and checks in sandbox environments, with various PHP versions, Moodle versions, databases etc.

And its free. And its connected to Git Hub. And, And, And.

David also points out that, while setting up Travis CI with your plugin really isn’t all that complicated (there is only one configuration file you need to add), Mark Nielsen has created a very slick tool (called moodle-plugin-ci) that takes care of all of this for you.

This is a fantastic step in the right direction for continuing to push test-driven development throughout the Moodle community, something that is important at every level.

Do you already use Travis CI with your plugin? What other testing recommendations can you share in the comments below?

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