Our MOOC with Moodle: Paper review


Michael de Raadt has released research paper written by Mary Cooch (Moodle HQ), Helen Foster (Moodle HQ) and Eamon Costello (Dublin City University) on the Moodle Research forums.
The research paper titled “Our MOOC with Moodle” describes how Moodle can be used for MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). The paper reports on a case study that showed the measured use of Moodle as a MOOC platform and describes a pedagogical approach that was employed to see the MOOCs success.

Our MOOC with Moodle
Our MOOC with Moodle

The paper begins by introducing Moodle and how the “original MOOC” was based around Moodle in 2008. Since then, other MOOC-focussed platforms have emerged, including some based on Moodle, while Moodle continues to be used around the world as a self-hosted LMS and as a MOOC platform in its own right.
Check out the complete information through this forum thread.
To download the research paper directly, check out this link.(Direct download)

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