mootus2015By all accounts, the MoodleMoot US 2015 was a whopping success – with more than 90% of survey respondents indicating they will be back next year and 97% indicating they would recommend the experience to others.

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Feedback from the Moot has recently been released. Surprisingly (or not) it is essentially in line with feedback we reported from the most recent Australia Moot. In brief, the choice and quality of content receive high marks, with the comments and critiques focused on administrivia, catering and logistics. Favorites highlighted by the survey respondents included:

  • Watching the presentations
  • Getting inspired about individual work
  • Networking with other Moodlers

Also similar to the Australia Moot, only 43% of survey respondents found the exhibitor booths useful and requests for the ability to better chose the topics attended for each individual (in the case of the US Moot – freedom to choose) was voiced.

From the wishing tree, overwhelmingly participants requested updates to the Moodle core (specific requests were not captured in the published feedback).

What was your opinion of the US Moot? Did you attend – why or why not? What did you find valuable and what would you change? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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