mcloudooooThis week at the US Moot in MN I learned a bit more about Moodle Cloud and it’s early successes. The limited and free hosting service has attracted over 3,500 individual teachers/organizations from around the world to use the best/latest Moodle version. Even with a small max of 200MB per site over 10GB have been uploaded to the sites showing that despite the limitation users are still finding ways to embed content and support student learning without requiring loads of space.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

BigBlueButton usage, which is capped at 6 users, was admittedly low according to a source at Blindside Networks though time will tell if the service grows along with the number of sites registered.

In any event, new sites are created every hour and Moodle HQ is just getting started with the service.

Check it out at

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