Moodle plugins guardians are community members who volunteer to provide peer review to the plugins submitted to the plugins directory. This peer review is considered before approving any plugin.
The goals of the plugin guardian program are:

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  1. Help to build healthy and sustainable eco-system of Moodle plugins.
  2. Protect the Moodle sites from dangerous, unreliable and generally badly written plugins.
  3. Serve the plugin authors by providing them with honest feedback on their work, together with suggestions on how to learn to improve their code.

For providing peer-reviews, guardians collect experience points in the internal credits tracking system.

  • Once they collect enough experience points to reach the level 2 “Novice Guardian”, guardians become members of the Plugins guardians group at
  • When reaching the level 3 “Junior Guardian”, the Plugins guardian badge is awarded to them.

If you are interested in joining the Moodle plugins Guardians program then you can send an email to David Mudrak <[email protected]>. Experienced Moodlers and Moodle developers are welcome to join the Plugins Guardians program.

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