Moodle Google Analytics will make your site URLs a lot easier to analyze


The Moodle Google Analytics plugin by Bas Brands and Gareth Barnard was a simple local plugin that should go a long way in helping to analyze your Moodle site’s traffic if you’re using Google Analytics on other websites under your control. As you have likely seen, Moodle’s pages, courses and resources often have a naming convention that includes row IDs and more of a developer oriented naming convention such as course/view.php?id=365 which would equate to “College Algebra” or some such.

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While this doesn’t matter much as you navigate across a site or interact with a course, it can be a pain to try to make sense of it in Google Analytics where the URLs would have to be matched one by one to their corresponding pages to figure out which courses were garnering the most traffic or which resources within a course were getting the most views.

The plugin, quite simply,

Adds the Google Analytics Snippet to moodle pages and translates developer urls into human readable urls. Original: course/view.php?id=2 Translated: /Category+Demos/Moodle+Features+Demo.

A huge improvement over just adding it to the Additional HTML area (which works but doesn’t translate the URLs). The plugin now also supports the more modern Google Universal Analytics and Piwik, it is available for Moodle 2.0 through 2.7. It was originally developed by David Bezemer. Download it here:

Check out the before/after for reference on how this could change your Google Analytics reports.



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