Moodle 3.0 the upcoming release of Moodle LMS has entered into the QA testing mode today and is scheduled to be released on 06 Nov 2015 i.e. 25 days from today.
The QA testing cycle for Moodle 3.0 contains 513 issues in total which needs to be tested and cleared before releasing the new version.

Moodle3.0 QA testing cycle starts
Moodle3.0 QA testing cycle starts

If you are a Moodle User, Developer, Tester then you are most welcome in participating in the QA testing to help Moodle achieve 100% pass rate similar to previous versions. If you need any help for testing the issues then you can refer to the QA testing documentation here- which mentions the criteria for running the tests and marking them as appropriate.
You can start testing the issues in the Moodle Tracker here. And here is the complete list of all issues for Moodle 3.0 which needs to be tested in this QA testing cycle. By helping in the Moodle QA testing, you will contribute back to the community and earn the Moodle Testers badge as well.

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