Ammar Merhbi recently posted some modified Moodle 2 Interactive Tool Guide posters which teachers can use to learn about and see what Moodle activities and/or resources might fit their needs in a given course. This improvement to the Tool Guides enhances the usability by adding relevant video tutorials on how to add and use each of the module types of Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The Tool Guides were originally created by Joyce Seitzinger, but have been recreated, updated, retooled, translated and shared in many different ways since. This newest iteration is available on Ammar’s blog or using the two links below (which display with the font in a readable size).

[popup] Moodle 2 – Tool Guide for Teachers (Resources)

[popup] Moodle 2 – Tool Guide for Teachers (Activities)

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