Moodle 2.9, which is just released this Monday, has got a lot of new features out of which few are very much time saving for you as a teacher.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. Drag and drop images onto Atto text editor – If you are using a latest browser then you can upload images to the atto text editor directly by dragging and dropping them onto the atto editor which is a very good improvement for the teachers who used to include a lot of images in their courses. Atto-drag-drop
  2. Delete a whole section from the course including the contents – Now you can delete a complete section of your course including the contents of the section regardless of the position of the section.500px-coursesectiondelete
  3. New grades page allows students to check out their grades in all courses. They’ll see course totals and are able to easily view their user report in each course.500px-GradesPage
  4. Improved messaging through AJAX popup – A messages button on profile pages enables you to send messages via pop-up box without leaving the page you are on. (MDL-48933)300px-messagingpopupdocs
  5. Optional description for the activities – Now site admins change the setting to make the activity description as required, by default it is set to not required (optional).activity-description
  6. New profile page with browser sessions page – Accessed from the user menu, the new Profile page provides quick links to blog entries, forum post, badges and, depending on the user’s privileges, a variety of reports including a new browser sessions page. Earlier it was accessed through the navigation block.600px-TestProfile2
  7. Search server files – Users with permissions to access Server files can now use a search facility, allowing for easy location of files in other courses they have access to.500px-serversearch29
  8. Easily post to all groups in a forum – If your forum has groups, you only need to post once and your post is copied for each group. 600px-TesForumGroup
  9. Faster addition of cohorts and meta linked courses – You can enrol many cohorts or multiple courses with the cohort sync and course meta link methods much faster now with a new “Add method and create another” button. Users from linked courses can also be synced into a group; a much voted-for feature.600px-TestCohortsync
  10. Print a copy of quiz – You can use your browser printer option (for example by right-clicking and selecting Print). When a student prints their finished quiz, responses and feedback will also be printed. 800px-browserquizprint29

Apart from these 10 features, there are a lot of other new features which you can explore for Moodle 2.9 by downloading your copy here, and checking the new features page.

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