Moodle 2.8.5 released on the heels of 2.8.4


2.8.5This week brought the community two minor, consecutive releases for Moodle’s major branches. On the 9th 2.8.4 was released and on March 10th 2.8.5 (and other minor releases of 2.7.7 and 2.6.10) was released to correct a regression which was quickly identified. 2.8.5 is the version that Moodlers should be aiming to upgrade to if you’re using the latest code.

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From the announcement,

In addition to a number of bug fixes and small improvements, security vulnerabilities have been discovered and fixed. We highly recommend that you upgrade your sites as soon as possible. Upgrading should be very straightforward.

Improvements to the 2.8.x branch include,

  • improvement to the feedback displaying in gradebooks,
  • fixed bugs in truncated quick grading,
  • it’s now possible to uninstall portfolio plugins,
  • performance improvements on gradebook operations
  • possibility to embed Youtube videos at a specific start time

If you’re using Moodle 2.6.x please note that support will officially end in May 2015 with the release of Moodle 2.9. The 2.6 branch currently is supported for security fixes only.

For more information please read the release notes Over 95 issues were addressed in this week’s release. Read up on all of the tracker issues at