Moodle has passed all 221 tests to be compatible with PHP7 and the new version 3.0.1 will be released in the next week having compatibility with both PHP5 and PHP7.
In a recent announcement, Dan Poltawski announced the 100% passing of the QA cycle with PHP7 which had just started yesterday.
In a total the testing effort contains 19 issues which have been successfully integrated, 221 QA tests passed, 18,000+ behat scenarios ran and 148,140 unit test combinations completed.
If you are a Moodle site administrator, then you must take care for:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • The Microsoft SQL Server PHP drivers are not currently available for PHP7.  The mssql driver (used on non-windows platforms) is removed from PHP7 and the sqlsrv driver (windows only) is still in development. Sites which operate on SQL server or connect to it via the auth_db plugin or enrol_db plugin should not upgrade.
  • The Oracle PHP driver is known to buggy and segfaults in some circumstances, we are continuing investigate and isolate this in MDL-52544 and report this to the maintainers. Again sites installed on Oracle or using auth_db/enrol_db should not upgrade.
  • Add-on plugins may not be working on PHP7 and will need developers to test and upgrade their code to be compatible. A guide in developer docs is a starting point for developers looking to upgrade their plugins: Moodle_and_PHP7 

Kudos to all who have participated in the testing and volunteered their efforts for achieving 100% pass rate again for Moodle. And thanks to Rajesh Taneja for arranging all the testing efforts for this new version.

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