In a recent update to the popular mass action block few minor bugs are fixed and released in the Moodle plugins database. In the recent update the block was updated to support all the course formats as earlier only weekly and topics format were supported.
Mass actions block is a block which allows instructors to perform actions upon multiple resources or activities, rather than having to perform repeated actions on individual items.

Mass actions block
Mass actions block

To use this block, Javascript must be enabled in your browser, you must be in editing mode in the course home page, and AJAX must be disabled. To perform mass changes the user must have the capability “block/massaction:use”.
Supported actions include mass selection, indentation, deletion, hiding, showing, and moving. To select items to perform actions on, simply click the checkbox to the right of it in the course home page or use select functionality, then click the action you would like to perform in the block.
Till date the mass actions block is downloaded more than 11k times and is currently being maintained by Clem Smith.
To download the latest version of the mass actions block, please check out this link.

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