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Ever since release 2.2, Moodle has supported LTI (or Learning Tool Interoperability) which allows Moodle to connect with 3rd party platforms seamlessly. This essentially means users don’t have to log in or even register when accessing services outside Moodle. As an example, if an instructor were to set up an activity in Moodle for students that required them to perform research on a blog, or access information from a wiki, the student wouldn’t have to re-login to access content which might otherwise require registration or login.

The LTI standard is super powerful for those interested in developing services that are Moodle-appropriate, but don’t necessarily want to develop tools and the like for Moodle specifically. If these developers ensure their service is LTI compliant, Moodlers can access that content without a problem.

Juan Leyva’s LTI Provider on the other hand makes Moodle accessible from other 3rd party sites by making Moodle an External Tool. Connect from another LMS to Moodle, or connect Moodle to Moodle in an easy to use seamless way.

The main features of the LTI Plugin (from are:

  • Provide access to full courses or single activities.
  • Single sign on
  • Change the navigation block of a course or activity for displaying information and links only regarding to your current course.
  • Send backs course or activity final grades to the LTI consumer tool
  • Modify the course or activity page for hiding the header, footer and left or right blocks

You can grab the updated LTI plugin here on

Do you use LTI services in your Moodle? What has been your experience? Give us a comment below!

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