In the recent plugins usage survey conducted by Moodle HQ, the statistics collected shows the usage of different learning analytics tools available in Moodle. There are a number of reports, blocks and other plugins for Moodle that provide learning analytics. Some are standard plugins (part of the standard distribution) and some are third-party plugins (available from the Plugins Directory).
Learning Analytics are any piece of information that can help an LMS user improve learning outcomes. Users include students, teachers, administrators and decision-makers.
The Learning Analytics tools in Moodle according to their reported usage are as follows:

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Plugin Type Standard/
Useful for Reported usage*
Logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers 71.4%
Activity Report Standard Teachers 69.1%
Activity completion Report Standard Teachers 66.3%
Live logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins 55.2%
(Quiz) Statistics Report Standard Teachers 53.0%
(Course) Participation Report Standard Teachers 49.9%
Course overview Report Standard Admins, Decision-makers 45.0%
Course completion status Block Standard Students 41.4%
Progress Bar Block Third-party Students, Teachers 32.0%
Events list Report Standard Teachers, Admins 28.6%
Activity results block Block Standard Students 26.1%
Configurable Reports Block Third-party Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers 22.7%
Ad-hoc database queries Report Third-party Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers N/A
Course Dedication Block Third-party Students, Teachers N/A
Graph Stats Block Third-party Teachers, Admins N/A
Engagement Analytics  Block,
 Third-party  Teachers  N/A
  • What is your experience using these plugins as a source of Learning Analytics?
  • Do you know of any other Learning Analytics plugins for use within Moodle not in this list?
  • Would you classify these plugins differently?

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