Moodle 3.0 which is the latest stable release of the most popular open source LMS on the earth i.e. “Moodle” has got a lot of new features which will really amaze you. Among the all features, the features which is meant for Moodle site administrators is Plugin Administration.
For site administrators, managing the plugins on their Moodle site is a very complicated task. In the earlier versions of Moodle, the plugins installation screen will only show the missing dependencies while installing a new plugin and you have to manually install it first to proceed whereas in Moodle 3.0 the plugin installation screen will not only show the dependencies rather it will also allows you to install from the same page.

Improved Plugins Administration in Moodle 3.0
Improved Plugins Administration in Moodle 3.0

Another change to the plugins administration is to upgrade all plugins at one go. It is now possible to upgrade all plugins at the same time, to install required dependent plugins along with the specified plugin and to cancel installations if desired.
You can check out all new features for Moodle Site Administrators here –

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