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For a significant chunk of the population, this time of year is the holiday season and means that schools are off, businesses are quite(r) and Moodlers around the world… well they continue to Moodle.

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Holidays, of course, are not specific to December and happen all year and, as far as I can tell, at all times, depending on your particular location. With that in mind, today I started looking for how Moodlers handle holidays – in their courses, across sites, etc.

There is a potentially exciting holiday-related core revision suggestion by Mykl Belfatto in the forums that would apply to organization-wide holidays. While encouraged by Dan Marsden to make this modification of the Attendance plugin into its own plugin, I haven’t see it appear as of yet.

There are also postings and request about how to handle public holidays in the Moodle calendar, and what to do with Moodle during vacation weeks, among others. But, there is definitely no consensus about how to Moodle on holidays.

What do you do with your Moodle on the holidays? Tell us your best practice in the comments below!

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