PasteSpecial You are likely familiar with the massive amounts of “junk” (some might call them artifacts) that are carried over into Moodle when you copy/paste text from Microsoft Word, or a similar “rich” text editor. Not only is it confusing, it often just mucks up the works and often makes the simplest text difficult to edit and style.

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Joseph Inhofer has recently published a “Paste Special” plugin to for the Atto editor that provides you with the option to either paste “as is” from your rich text editor or “unformatted” with all of those artifacts stripped out. As someone who has used this similar functionality in Word to create clean, crisp and stylistically aligned documents for years now, I think this is a wonderful addition to the Moodle-verse.

Click here to download the PasteSpecial plugin from Check out this and 28 other Atto Plugins in the Database as well.

Have you used the PasteSpecial plugin? What do you think? Give us your review in the comments below!

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